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Zeige Ergebnisse 19 bis 24 von 128
  1. Gabriele Schmidt; Frank Peters; Gernod Laufkötter

    User Manual of COKAM+

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 93-02, 1993.

  2. Philipp Hanschke; Thom Frühwirth

    Terminological Reasoning with Constraint Handling Rules

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 93-01, 1993.

  3. Indexing PROLOG Procedures into DAGs by Heuristic Classification

    DFKI, DFKI Technical Memos (TM), Vol. 93-05, 1993.

  4. Hans-Günther Hein

    Propagation Techniques in WAM-based Architectures --- The FIDO-III Approach

    DFKI, DFKI Technical Memos (TM), Vol. 93-04, 1993.

  5. Bernhard Hollunder

    An Alternative Proof Method for Possibilistic Logic and its Application to Terminological Logics

    DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 93-01, 1993.

  6. Franz Baader; Martin Buchheit; Bernhard Hollunder

    Cardinality Restrictions on Concepts

    DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 93-48, 1993.