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Zeige Ergebnisse 41 bis 50 von 567
  1. Sophie F. Jentzsch; Patrick Schramowski; Constantin A. Rothkopf; Kristian Kersting

    Semantics Derived Automatically from Language Corpora Contain Human-like Moral Choices

    In: Vincent Conitzer; Gillian K. Hadfield; Shannon Vallor (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 2019 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society. AAAI …

  2. Mayukh Das; Devendra Singh Dhami; Gautam Kunapuli; Kristian Kersting; Sriraam Natarajan

    Fast Relational Probabilistic Inference and Learning: Approximate Counting via Hypergraphs

    In: The Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2019), Pages 7816-7824, AAAI Press, …

  3. Antonio Vergari; Alejandro Molina; Robert Peharz; Zoubin Ghahramani; Kristian Kersting; Isabel Valera

    Automatic Bayesian Density Analysis

    In: The Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2019), Pages 5207-5215, AAAI Press, …

  4. Anna Brugger; Jan Behmann; Stefan Paulus; Hans-Georg Luigs; Matheus Thomas Kuska; Patrick Schramowski; Kristian Kersting; Ulrike Steiner; Anne-Katrin Mahlein

    Extending Hyperspectral Imaging for Plant Phenotyping to the UV-Range

    In: Remote Sensing, Vol. 11, No. 12, Pages 0-10, MDPI, 2019.

  5. Fabrizio Riguzzi; Kristian Kersting; Marco Lippi; Sriraam Natarajan

    Editorial: Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence

    In: Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Vol. 6, Pages 0-10, Frontiers, 2019.

  6. Nils M. Kriege; Marion Neumann; Christopher Morris; Kristian Kersting; Petra Mutzel

    A unifying view of explicit and implicit feature maps of graph kernels

    In: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Vol. 33, No. 6, Pages 1505-1547, Springer, 2019.

  7. Laura Antanas; Plinio Moreno; Marion Neumann; Rui Pimentel de Figueiredo; Kristian Kersting; José Santos-Victor; Luc De Raedt

    Semantic and geometric reasoning for robotic grasping: a probabilistic logic approach

    In: Autonomous Robots, Vol. 43, No. 6, Pages 1393-1418, Springer, 2019.

  8. Nathaniel Weir; Andrew Crotty; Alex Galakatos; Amir Ilkhechi; Shekar Ramaswamy; Rohin Bhushan; Ugur Çetintemel; Prasetya Utama; Nadja Geisler; Benjamin Hättasch; Steffen Eger; Carsten Binnig

    DBPal: Weak Supervision for Learning a Natural Language Interface to Databases

    In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR), Vol. abs/1909.06182, Pages 0-10, arXiv, 2019.

  9. Benjamin Hilprecht; Carsten Binnig; Uwe Röhm

    Learning a Partitioning Advisor with Deep Reinforcement Learning

    In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR), Vol. abs/1904.01279, Pages 0-10, arXiv, 2019.

  10. Muhammad El-Hindi; Martin Heyden; Carsten Binnig; Ravi Ramamurthy; Arvind Arasu; Donald Kossmann

    BlockchainDB - Towards a Shared Database on Blockchains

    In: Peter A. Boncz; Stefan Manegold; Anastasia Ailamaki; Amol Deshpande; Tim Kraska (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on …