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  1. Jumyung Um; Volkan Gezer; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski

    Edge Computing in Smart Production

    In: Saïd Zeghloul; Med Amine Laribi; Juan (Eds.) Sandoval. Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics. Pages 144-152, Springer, 2020.

  2. Martin Ruskowski; Arnold Herget; Jesko Hermann; William Motsch; Parsha Pahlevannejad; Aleksandr Sidorenko; Simon Bergweiler; Alexander David; Christiane Plociennik; Jens Popper; Keran Sivalingam; Achim Wagner

    Production Bots für Production Level 4: Skill-basierte Systeme für die Produktion der Zukunft

    In: atp - Automatisierungstechnische Praxis, Vol. 62, No. 9, Pages 62-71, Vulkan, 2020.

  3. William Motsch; Alexander David; Keran Sivalingam; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski

    Approach for Dynamic Price-Based Demand Side Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems

    In: Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 51, Pages 1748-1754, Elsevier, 2020.

  4. Development of a system architecture enabling a dynamic generation of process chains for Production as a Service

    In: Proceedings 2020 IEEE Conference on Industrial Cyberphysical Systems (ICPS). IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems …

  5. Jesko Hermann; Alexander David; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski

    Considering interdependencies for a dynamic generation of process chains for Production as a Service

    In: Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 51, Pages 1454-1461, Elsevier, 2020.

  6. Alexander David; Max Birtel; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski

    Architecture Concept for the Integration of Cyber-Physical Transport Modules in modular production environments

    In: Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 51, Pages 1111-1116, Elsevier, 2020.

  7. Max Birtel; Martin Ruskowski

    Developing and implementing human-centered information services in a modular production environment

    In: Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 51, Pages 592-597, Elsevier, 2020.

  8. Julia Krüger; Sandra Schultz; Heinz Handels; Jan Ehrhardt

    Registration with probabilistic correspondences - Accurate and robust registration for pathological and inhomogeneous medical data

    In: N. Paragios; B. Caputo; G. Hua; R. Vidal (Hrsg.). Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Vol. 190, Pages 1-15, Elsevier, 2020.

  9. Timo Kepp; Helge Sudkamp; Claus von der Burchard; Hendrik Schenke; Peter Koch; Gereon Hüttmann; Johann Roider; Mattias P Heinrich; Heinz Handels

    Segmentation of retinal low-cost optical coherence tomography images using deep learning

    In: Horst K. Hahn; Maciej A. Mazurowski (Hrsg.). Medical Imaging 2020: Computer-Aided Diagnosis. SPIE Medical Imaging, located at SPIE medical …

  10. Aaron Carass; Snehashis Roy; Adrian Gherman; Jacob C Reinhold; Andrew Jesson; Tal Arbel; Oskar Maier; Heinz Handels; Mohsen Ghafoorian; Bram Platel; others

    Evaluating white matter lesion segmentations with refined Sørensen-Dice analysis

    In: Richard White; Giampiero Accardo; Rafal Marszalek; Christian Matheou; Eve Rooks; Elizabeth Mann; Madushi Wanaguru; Silvia Butera; Antonia …