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  1. Henning Barthel; Peter Dannenmann; Hans Hagen

    Towards a General Framework for Animating Cognitive Characters

    In: Proceedings of the 3rd IASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing (VIIP'03), September 8-10, 2003, …

  2. Hans Hagen; Henning Barthel; Achim Ebert; Michael Bender

    Component-based Intelligent Visualization

    In: Frits H. Post; Gregory M. Nielson; Georges-Pierre Bonneau (Hrsg.). Data Visualization - The state of the Art. Pages 439-452, ISBN 1-4020-7259-7, …

  3. Rolf-Hendrik van Lengen; Bähr J; Wei Z

    Offline Visualisation and Interactive Debugging Tools


  4. Brigitte Jörg; Hans Uszkoreit

    A Virtual Information Center for Language Technology: Ontology, Datastructure, Realization

    Nordisk Sprogteknologi 2002, Vol. 2, Museum Tusculanums Forlag, Københavns Universitet, 2003.

  5. Anette Frank; Markus Becker; Berthold Crysmann; Bernd Kiefer; Ulrich Schäfer

    Integrated Shallow and Deep Parsing: TopP meets HPSG

    In: Proceedings of ACL-2003. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Sapporo, Japan, Pages 104-111, 2003.

  6. Hans Uszkoreit; Brigitte Jörg; Gregor Erbach

    An Ontology-based Knowledge Portal for Language Technology

    In: Proceedings of ENABLER/ELSNET Workshop. ENABLER/ELSNET Workshop, 2003.

  7. Walter Kasper; K. Stanoevska; Y. Stavroulas; A. Yannopoulos

    Cross-lingual Transformation and Summarisation for Portable End-devices with the MEMPHIS toolkit

    In: Proceedings of ASWN-2003, 3rd Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks. Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless …

  8. Hans-Ulrich Krieger

    SDL---A Description Language for Specifying NLP Systems

    In: Proceedings of the 3rd AMAST Workshop on Algebraic Methods in Language Processing,. AMAST Workshop on Algebraic Methods in Language Processing, …

  9. Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Feiyu Xu

    A Type-Driven Method for Compacting MMorph Resources

    In: Proceedings of RANLP 2003. International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP), 9/2003.

  10. Data-driven Approaches to Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar

    In: Rens Bod; Remko Scha (Hrsg.). DATA-ORIENTED PARSING. Center for the Study of Language and Information - Studies in Computat, CSLI Publications, …