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Zeige Ergebnisse 71 bis 80 von 256
  1. Leo Sauermann

    The Gnowsis-Using Semantic Web Technologies to build a Semantic Desktop

    Mastersthesis, Technical University of Vienna, 2003.

  2. Antonio Sanfilippo; Ansgar Bernardi; Ludger van Elst; Luis Sánchez Fernández; Michael Sintek

    Integrating Ontologies for Semantic Web Applications

    In: International Roadmap for Language Resources. ENABLER/ELSNET Workshop, Paris, France, Pages 28-29, 9/2003.

  3. Stephan Baumann; O. Hummel

    Increasing Consumer Value in Virtual Music Environments

    In: International Workshop for Technology, Economy, Social and Legal Aspects of Virtual Goods. International Workshop for Technical, Economic and …

  4. Thomas Roth-Berghofer

    Developing Maintainable Case-Based Reasoning Systems: Applying SIAM to empolis orenge

    In: Markus Nick; Klaus-Dieter Althoff (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Workshop on Experience Management. German Workshop on Experience Management …

  5. Miquel Angel Mayer; Stéfan Jacques Darmoni; Michael Fiene; Christian Köhler; Thomas Roth-Berghofer; Gunther Eysenbach

    MedCIRCLE - Modeling a Collaboration for Internet Rating, Certification, Labeling and Evaluation of Health Information on the Semantic World-Wide-Web

    In: Robert Baud; Marius Fieschi; Pierre Le Beux; Patrick Ruch (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Medical Informatics Europe Congress MIE 2003, St. Malo, …

  6. Gunnar Martin; Christian Seel; Heiko Maus

    Wissensorientiertes eGovernment

    In: Klaus P. Jantke; W. S. Wittig; Jörg Herrmann (Hrsg.). Von e-Learning bis e-Payment 2003 - Das Internet als sicherer Marktplatz Leipzig. …

  7. Martin Bertram; Sascha Köhn; Thies Bähr; Bertin Klein; Rolf-Hendrik van Lengen

    Visualizing the Shadows of Information

    In: Proceedings of the WM 2003 Workshop on Knowledge Management and Philosophy. Conference on Professional Knowledge Management (WM), 2003.

  8. Bertin Klein; Thomas Roth-Berghofer

    Philosophy for IT for Knowledge Management

    In: Klaus Freyberg; Hans-Joachim Petsche; Bertin Klein (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the WM 2003 Workshop on Knowledge Management and Philosophy. Conference …

  9. Bertin Klein; Stefan Agne; Andrew D. Bagdanov

    Understanding Document Analysis and Understanding (through Modeling)

    In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition ICDAR'03). International Conference on Document Analysis and …

  10. Weakly-structured Workflows for Knowledge-intensive Tasks: An Experimental Evaluation

    In: Proceedings of the Workshop Knowledge Management for Distributed Agile Processes: Models, Techniques, and Infrastructure (KMDAP2003) at 12th IEEE …