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Zeige Ergebnisse 31 bis 40 von 567
  1. E.V. Stanev; T.H. Badewien; H. Freund; S. Graye; F. Hahner; J. Meyerjürgens; M. Ricker; R.I. Schöneich-Argent; J.-O. Wolff; Oliver Zielinski

    Extreme westward surface drift in the North Sea: Public reports of strandeddrifters and Lagrangian tracking

    In: Continental Shelf Research, Vol. 177, Pages 24-32, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 4/2019.

  2. Eröffnungsvortrag: Arbeiten in der Zukunft - ein Ausblick

    In: Bundessteuerberaterkammer (Hrsg.). Tagungsbericht des 3. Symposiums: Lohn im Fokus: Arbeiten 4.0 - Veränderungen im Lohn?. BStBK-Symposium, Pages …

  3. Oliver Thomas; Melanie Sack; Johannes Langhein; Thomas Feld; Florian Remark; Jonas Rebstadt

    Audit Clouds - Analyse und Vergleich cloudbasierter Geschäftsmodelle in der Wirtschaftsprüfung

    In: Die Wirtschaftsprüfung (WPg), Vol. 18.2019, No. 72, Pages 964-975, IDW Verlag GmbH, Düsseldorf, 12/2019.

  4. Towards the Digital Transformation of Tax - Inductive Development of a Functional Reference Model for International Transfer Pricing

    In: 11th Annual Pre-ICIS 2019 Workshop on Accounting Information Systems (SIGASYS). International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS-2019), …

  5. Anika Steinert; Jörn Kiselev; Robert Klebbe; Michael Schröder; Aaron Russ; Kinga Schumacher; Norbert Reithinger; Ursula Müller-Werdan

    Usage of a Technical Communication and Documentation System by Older Adults and Professionals in Multidisciplinary Home Rehabilitation

    In: Jia Zhou; Gavriel Salvendy (Hrsg.). Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Design for the Elderly and Technology Acceptance. International …

  6. Thierry Declerck

    Porting the “Thirty Six Dramatic Situations” to a Multilingual Ontology

    In: Proceedings of EADH 2018. European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH-2018), Data in Digital Humanities, December 7-9, Galway, Ireland, …

  7. Jakob M. Schönborn; Klaus-Dieter Althoff

    Recent Trends in XAI: A Broad Overview on current Approaches, Methodologies and Interactions

    In: Workshops Proceedings for the Twenty-seventh International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning: Explainable Knowledge in Computational Design, …

  8. Merton Lansley; Nikolaos Polatidis; Stelios Kapetanakis; Kareem Amin; George Samakovitis; Miltos Petridis

    Seen the villains: Detecting Social Engineering Attacks using Case-based Reasoning and Deep Learning

    In: Workshops Proceedings for the Twenty-seventh International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning: Case-based reasoning and deep learning workshop. …

  9. Jonas Traub

    Demand-based data stream gathering, processing, and transmission

    PhD-Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin, 2019.

  10. Jonas Traub; Julius Hülsmann; Sebastian Breß; Tilmann Rabl; Volker Markl

    SENSE: Scalable Data Acquisition from Distributed Sensors with Guaranteed Time Coherence

    In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR), Vol. abs/1912.04648, Page 4648, arXiv, 2019.