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  1. Achim Ebert; Matthias Deller; Michael Bender

    An Immersive Gesture Controlled Interface for Virtual Document Information Spaces

    In: IASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing (VIIP 2005). IASTED International Conference on Visualization …

  2. Jan Mendling; Jörg Ziemann

    EPK-Visualisierung von BPEL4WS Prozessdefinitionen

    In: 7th Workshop Software-Reengineering (WSR 2005), Bad Honnef, Germany. Workshop Software-Reengineering (WSR), 5/2005.

  3. Jörg Ziemann; Jan Mendling

    Transformation of EPCs to BPEL: A pragmatic approach

    In: 7th International Conference on the Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the industrial enterprises. International …

  4. Jan Mendling; Jörg Ziemann

    Transformation of BPEL Processes to EPCs

    In: Proc. of the 4th GI Workshop on Event-Driven Process Chains (EPK 2005), Hamburg, Germany, CEUR Workshop Proceedings Volume 167, ISSN-1613-0073, …

  5. Andreas Dengel; P. Novak; C. Wagner; K. Rehders; C. Maurer; S. Eckardt; A. Haag

    Automatisierte Rechnungsbearbeitung: Marktpotential, Marktübersicht und Trends

    Interim 2000 (Hrg.), 12/2005.

  6. Thomas Kieninger; Andreas Dengel

    Vom RoboCup zur Soccer Jukebox

    Modelierung im interdisziplinären Studienprogramm (MISP), 2005.

  7. Volker Zimmermann; Kathrin Bergenthal; Pavlina Chikova; Didier Hinz; Lasse Lehmann; Katrina Leyking; Christoph Rensing

    Authoring Management Platform EXPLAIN: A New Learning Technology Approach for Efficient Content Production Integrating Authoring Tools Through a Web-based Process and Service Platform

    In: ARIADNE PROLEARN Workshop "New Technologies in eLearning". ARIADNE PROLEARN Workshop, 2005.

  8. Otmar Adam; Pavlina Chikova; Anja Hofer

    Enabling Customer-Driven Processes in Value-Added Networks Using an Architecture for E-Collaboration

    In: Proceedings of ICEBE, IEEE Conference of eBusiness Engineering. IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE), Pages 18-24, IEEE …

  9. Pavlina Chikova

    Enabling Business Process Improvements in the Supply Chain by Means of RFID

    In: Roberto Mosca; Flavio Tonelli; Riccardo Melioli (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on the Modern Information Technology in …

  10. Otmar Adam; Pavlina Chikova; Anja Hofer

    Managing Inter-organizational Business Processes Using an Architecture for M-Business Scenarios

    In: Wayne Brookes (Hrsg.). International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB 2005). International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB), Pages 82-88, …