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  1. Dominikus Heckmann

    Ubiquitous User Modeling

    PhD-Thesis, Department of Computer Science, Saarland University, Germany, 11/2005.

  2. Michael Schneider; Mathias Bauer; Alexander Kröner

    Building a Personal Memory for Situated User Support

    In: Proceedings of ECHISE 2005 - 1st International Workshop on Exploiting Context Histories in Smart Environments. International Workshop on …

  3. Stephan Baldes; Alexander Kröner; Mathias Bauer

    Configuration and Introspection of Situated User Support

    In: Mathias Bauer; Boris Brandherm; Johannes Fürnkranz; Gunter Grieser; Andreas Hotho; Andreas Jedlitschka; Alexander Kröner (Hrsg.). LWA 2005, Lernen …

  4. Martin Homik; Erica Melis

    ePortfolios in ActiveMath

    In: Proceedings of ePortfolio2005. International ePortfolio Conference (ePortfolio), Cambridge, Pages 213-222, EIfEL, 10/2005.

  5. Patrick Gebhard; Martin Klesen

    Using Real Objects to Communicate with Virtual Characters

    In: Themis Panayiotopoulos; Jonathan Gratch; Ruth Aylett; Daniel Ballin; Patrick Olivier; Thomas Rist (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 5th International …

  6. Martin Klesen

    Using Theatrical Concepts for Role-Plays with Educational Agents

    In: Applied Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 19, No. 3--4, Pages 413-431, Taylor & Francis, 2005.

  7. Alassane Ndiaye; Patrick Gebhard; Michael Kipp; Martin Klesen; Michael Schneider; Wolfgang Wahlster

    Ambient Intelligence in Edutainment: Tangible Interaction with Life-Like Exhibit Guides

    In: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN 2005). Conference on …

  8. Markus Löckelt

    Action Planning for Virtual Human Performances

    In: Proceedings of the third International Conference on Virtual Storytelling. International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, Strasbourg, Springer, …

  9. Patrick Gebhard; Martin Klesen

    Using Real Objects to Communicate with Virtual Characters

    In: Proceedings of the 5th International Working Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA '05). International Conference on Intelligent Virtual …

  10. ALMA: A Layered Model of Affect

    In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS '05). International Joint Conference …