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  1. Andreas Meier; Erica Melis

    Failure Reasoning in Multiple-Strategy Proof Planning

    In: M.P. Bonacina; T. Boy de la Tour (Hrsg.). Proceedings of Workshop ``Strategies in Automated Deduction'' at the Second International Joint …

  2. Andreas Meier; Erica Melis; Martin Pollet

    Adaptable Mixed-Initiative Proof Planning for Educational Interaction

    In: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 103, No. C, Pages 105-120, Elsevier, 12/2004.

  3. Erica Melis

    Errors as a Source of Learning in Mathematics

    In: Cognition and Exploratory Learning in the Digital Age (CELDA). IADIS International Conference Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age …

  4. Erica Melis; Giorgi Goguadze

    Towards Adaptive Generation of Faded Examples

    In: J. Lester; R. Vicari; F. Paraguacu (Hrsg.). International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems. International Conference on Intelligent …

  5. Erica Melis; Andreas Meier; Martin Pollet

    Adaptive Access to a Proof Planner

    In: A. Asperti; G. Bancerek; A. Trybulec (Hrsg.). Proceedings of Third International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM2004). …

  6. Erica Melis; R. Monthienvichienchai

    They Call It Learning Style But It's so Much More

    In: G. Marks (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education (eLearn-2004). …

  7. Erica Melis; Jörg Siekmann

    ActiveMath: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Mathematics

    In: L. Rutkowski; Jörg Siekmann; R. Tadeusiewicz; L.A. Zadeh (Hrsg.). Seventh International Conference 'Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing' …

  8. Erica Melis; Carsten Ullrich

    Gender-Biased Adaptations in Educational Adaptive Hypermedia

    SEKI Technical Report, Vol. SR-04-05, 2004.

  9. Erica Melis; Carsten Ullrich

    Gender-Biased Adaptations in Educational Adaptive Hypermedia

    In: P. de Bra; W. Nejdl (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the third International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems. …

  10. A. Merceron; C. Oliveira; M. Scholl; Carsten Ullrich

    Mining for Content Re-Use and Exchange -- Solutions and Problems

    In: Poster Proceedings of the 3rd International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC2004. IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC-2004), …