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Zeige Ergebnisse 61 bis 70 von 506
  1. Marco Lohse; Florian Winter; Michael Repplinger; Philipp Slusallek

    Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM)

    In: Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2008 (ACM MM 2008). ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM-08), October 26-31, Vancouver, Canada, …

  2. Sven Gehring

    Adaptive Indoor Navigation for the Blind

    In: Adjunct Proceedings of Informatik'08. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik (INFORMATIK-08), München, GI, 2008.

  3. i2home - Towards a universal home environment for elderly and disabled

    In: KI - Künstliche Intelligenz, German Journal on Artificial Intelligence - Organ des Fachbereiches "Künstliche Intelligenz" der Gesellschaft für …

  4. Sven Gehring; Martin Gisch

    The Privacy Badge Revisited - Enhancement of a Privacy-Awareness User Interface for Small Devices

    In: Workshop on Security and Privacy Issues in Mobile Phone Use. Workshop on Security and Privacy Issues in Mobile Phone Use (SPMU-08), located at …

  5. Benchmarking der Text-basierten Anteile eines exemplarischen DAU-Systems

    PhD-Thesis, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, ISBN 978-3-89963-725-0, Verlag Dr. Hut, München, 2008.

  6. Leo Sauermann; Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes; Thomas Roth-Berghofer

    The Semantic Desktop as a foundation for PIM research

    In: Jaime Teevan; William Jones (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Personal Information Management Workshop. Personal Information Management Workshop …

  7. Dominik Lücke; Till Mossakowski; Diedrich Wolter

    Qualitative reasoning about convex relations

    In: Christian Freksa; Nora S. Newcombe; Peter Gärdenfors; Stefan Wölfl (Hrsg.). Spatial Cognition VI. Learning, Reasoning, and Talking about Space. …

  8. Oliver Kutz; Till Mossakowski

    Conservativity in Structured Ontologies

    In: Malik Ghallab; Constantine D. Spyropoulos; Nikos Fakotakis; Nikos Avouris (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Artificial …

  9. Oliver Kutz; Dominik Lücke; Till Mossakowski

    Modular Construction of Models - Towards a Consistency Proof for the Foundational Ontology DOLCE

    In: First International Workshop on Foundations of Computer Science as Logic-Related. International Workshop on Foundations of Computer Science as …

  10. Oliver Kutz; Dominik Lücke; Till Mossakowski; Immanueal Normann

    The OWL in the CASL - Designing Ontologies Across Logics

    In: Catherine Dolbear; Alan Ruttenberg; Uli Sattler (Hrsg.). OWL: Experiences and Directions, 5th International Workshop. The OWL: Experiences and …