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Zeige Ergebnisse 61 bis 70 von 504
  1. Pascal Reuß; Klaus-Dieter Althoff

    Explanation-Aware Maintenance of Distributed Case-Based Reasoning Systems

    In: Andreas Henrich; Hans-Christian Sperker (Hrsg.). Proceedings. GI-Workshop-Tage "Lernen, Wissen, Adaption" (LWA-13), October 7-9, Bamberg, Germany, …

  2. Dima Panfilenko; Katsiaryna Hrom; Brian Elvesaeter; Einar Landre

    Model Transformation Recommendations for Service-Oriented Architectures

    In: Proceedings of the15th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems …

  3. Christian Malewski; Janina Wiesmann; Denise Kahl; Andreas Grote

    Fächerverbindendes Arbeiten mit Karten-APIs

    In: Thomas Bartoschek; Jan Christoph Schubert (Hrsg.). Geoinformation im Geographieunterricht. Pages 158-175, ISBN 978-3-95645-098-3, MV-Verlag, …

  4. Stefan Bosse; Dirk Lehmhus

    Sensorial Materials

    In: o.A.. Structural Materials and Processes in Transportation. Chapter 17, Pages 517-548, ISBN 9783527327874, Wiley-VCH, 2013.

  5. Stefan Bosse

    Intelligent Microchip Networks: An Agent-on-Chip Synthesis Framework for the Design of Smart and Robust Sensor Networks

    In: Proceedings of the SPIE 2013, Microtechnologie Conference, Session EMT 102 VLSI Circuits and Systems. SPIE Microtechnologies Conference (SPIE …

  6. Thomas Behrmann; Christoph Budelmann; Stefan Bosse; Dirk Lehmhus; Marc C. Lemmel

    Tool chain for harvesting, simulation and management of energy in Sensorial Materials

    In: Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Vol. 0, Pages 0-0, 2013.

  7. Kristian Sons; Georg Demme; Wolfgang Herget; Philipp Slusallek

    Fortress City Saarlouis: Development of an interactive 3D City Model using Web Technologies

    In: A. Traviglia (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the CAA 2013 Conference Across Space and Time. Annual International Conference on Computer Applications and …

  8. Christian Bailer; Alain Pagani; Didier Stricker

    A user supported tracking framework for interactive video production

    In: Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Visual Media Production. Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP-13), 10th, November 6-7, …

  9. Caroline Sabty; Martin Memmel; Slim Abdennadher

    GeoEvents -- An Interactive Tool to Analyze and Visualize Spatial Information from the Social Web

    In: Randall Bilof (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the ASE/IEEE International Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom) 2013. ASE/IEEE International …

  10. Johannes Lemburg

    Konstruktionsprozess von Funktionsmustern

    In: Aachener Konstruktionstechnik - Mitteilungen, Pages 7-11, Shaker Verlag, 12/2013.