Location Awareness for Mixed and Dual Reality
Lisbon IUI 2012
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  February 14, 2012, Lisbon, Portugal  

  Topics tackled by this workshop:  
  The topics include but are not restricted to
  • Mixed Reality (MR) and Dual Reality (DR)
    • Utilization of MR/DR in Location Based Services
    • Combination of real world and virtual data
    • Integrating multiple identities (identity in DR)
    • Social interaction in DR
    • Techniques for model creation, integration of simulators
    • Visualization Techniques for Data Flow and Crude Product Positioning
  • Positioning and Location Based Services
    • Indoor / Outdoor Positioning Technologies
    • Always Best Position Systems (Sensor Fusion)
    • Privacy Issues
  • Location Based Social Signal Processing in MR/DR
    • Group members location (mix of real world and virtual world group members)
    • Detecting other group members and their behavior
    • Sensing, processing, representation and visualization of the social context
  • PolySocial Reality
    • Applications that utilize sensing, representation and processing to increase sociability between human beings in groups--outside of their machines
    • Applications that take advantage of “secondary attention” and merge existing application knowledge between apps and the environment
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