Event-based Process Simulation of Operating Resources in Assembly Workflows

Philipp Staudt; Sönke Knoch; Daniel Porta

In: Wil van der Aalst; Fabio Casati; Raffaele Conforti; Massimiliano de Leoni; Marlon Dumas; Akhil Kumar; Jan Mendling; Surya Nepal; Brian Pentland; Barbara Weber (Hrsg.). BPM 2018 Dissertation Award, Demonstration, and Industrial TrackProceedings of the Dissertation Award, Demonstration, and Industrial Track at BPM 2018. BPM Demo Track (BPMTracks-2018), located at 16th International Conference on Business Process Management, September 9-14, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Pages 106-110, Online Proceedings for Scientific Conferences and Workshops (CEUR-WS), Vol. 2196, CEUR-WS, 9/2018.


Business Process Simulation is a useful and widely adopted technique that provides process designers and data analysts with the necessary information to estimate the performance impact of business decisions before they are actually deployed. Manufacturers can benefit from such simulations especially when a strong changeability of the assembly workflows and systems is required. In order to integrate the simulation into existing manufacturing plants, simulations need to consider not only full simulations but also mixed simulations which include virtual and real operating resources. In this work, we present a new simulation framework which allows the process designer to model mixed simulations by defining virtual operating resources. These can be coupled with real hardware allowing the simulation to interact with manufacturing components to test the integrated system for robustness at runtime.


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