DFKI Cabin Simulator: A Test Platform for Visual In-Cabin Monitoring Functions

Hartmut Feld; Bruno Mirbach; Jigyasa Singh Katrolia; Mohamed Selim; Oliver Wasenmüller; Didier Stricker

In: Commercial Vehicle Technology 2020 - Proceedings of the 6th Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium - CVT 2020. Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium (CVT), 6th International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium Kaiserslautern, Kaiserlautern, Germany, Springer, 2020.


We present a test platform for visual in-cabin scene analysis and occupant monitoring functions. The test platform is based on a driving simulator developed at the DFKI, consisting of a realistic in-cabin mock-up and a wide-angle projection system for a realistic driving experience. The platform has been equipped with a wide-angle 2D/3D camera system monitoring the entire interior of the vehicle mock-up of the simulator. It is also supplemented with a ground truth reference sensor system that allows to track and record the occupant's body movements synchronously with the 2D and 3D video streams of the camera. Thus, the resulting test platform will serve as a basis to validate numerous in-cabin monitoring functions, which are important for the realization of novel human-vehicle interfaces, advanced driver assistant systems, and automated driving. Among the considered functions are occupant presence detection, size and 3D-pose estimation and driver intention recognition. In addition, our platform will be the basis for the creation of large-scale in-cabin benchmark datasets.


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