‘Virtual Harvesting’ as a Key Element in the Development of a novel LiDAR based Combine Harvester Steering System

Jannik Redenius; Sven Belau; Daniel Irmer; Rene Middelberg; Sebastian Spiekermann; Christian Bußmann; Till Sellschopp; Arno Ruckelshausen; Joachim Hertzberg

In: 77th Int. Conference LAND.TECHNIK. International Conference Agricultural Engineering (LAND.TECHNIK-2019), November 8-9, Hannover, Germany, Pages 173-178, vdi Berichte, No. 2361, ISBN 978-3-18-092361-1, vdi Verlag, 11/2019.


This paper describes the development and test of a novel LiDAR based combine harvester steering system using a harvest scenario and sensor point cloud simulation together with an established simulation toolchain for embedded software development. For a realistic sensor behavior simulation, considering the harvesting environment and the sensor mounting position, a phenomenological approach was chosen to build a multilayer LiDAR model at system level in Gazebo and ROS. A software-in-the-loop simulation of the mechatronic steering system was assembled by interfacing the commercial AppBase framework for point cloud processing and feature detection algorithms together with a machine model and control functions implemented in MATLAB/ Simulink. A test of ECUs in a hardware-in-the-loop simulation and as well as HMI elements in a driver-in-the-loop simulation was achieved by using CAN hardware interfaces and a CANoe based restbus simulation.


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