Towards Intuitive Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication for Incidental Robot-Human Encounters in Clinic Hallways

Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová; Johannes Hackbarth; Caspar Jacob; Matthias Nadig; Bernd Kiefer; Tanja Schneeberger; Tim Schwartz; Hanns-Peter Horn; Karsten Bohlmann

In: Astrid Rosenthal-von der Pütten; David Sirkin; Anna Abrams; Laura Platte (Hrsg.). The Forgotten in HRI: Incidental encounters with Robots in Public Spaces. Workshop The Forgotten in HRI: Incidental encounters with Robots in Public Spaces (HRI-2020), located at Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), March 23-26, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Aachen University, 2020.


Robots autonomously navigating in public spaces need to use ap- propriate nonverbal and verbal behaviours to signal their intentions during incidental encounters with bystanders and passersby. We introduce our initial system design concepts regarding social navi- gation, verbal communication and an avatar face and present our initial experimental observations for robots handling incidental encounters in the environment of a clinic.


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