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HPERL: 3D Human Pose Estimation from RGB and LiDAR

David Michael Fürst; Shriya T. P. Gupta; René Schuster; Oliver Wasenmüller; Didier Stricker
In: International Conference on Pattern Recognition. International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR-2020), January 10-15, Milan, Italy, IEEE, 2021.


n-the-wild human pose estimation has a huge potential for various fields, ranging from animation and action recognition to intention recognition and prediction for autonomous driving. The current state-of-the-art is focused only on RGB and RGB-D approaches for predicting the 3D human pose. However, not using precise LiDAR depth information limits the performance and leads to very inaccurate absolute pose estimation. With LiDAR sensors becoming more affordable and common on robots and autonomous vehicle setups, we propose an end-to-end architecture using RGB and LiDAR to predict the absolute 3D human pose with unprecedented precision. Additionally, we introduce a weakly-supervised approach to generate 3D predictions using 2D pose annotations from PedX [1]. This allows for many new opportunities in the field of 3D human pose estimation.