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Considering interdependencies for a dynamic generation of process chains for Production as a Service

Jesko Hermann; Alexander David; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski
In: Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 51, Pages 1454-1461, Elsevier, 2020.


Shorter life cycles and volatile markets lead to a highly dynamic environment for manufacturing companies. To remain competitive, companies must change their product portfolio from standardized to customer-specific products. A special case of the production of personalized products is Production as a Service (PaaS). The objective of this paper is to provide a system description which enables the dynamic generation of process chains based on which means of production can carry out the required production steps of the customer's individual product. In the context of PaaS these capabilities are described independently of the production technology which will be used for each production step to ensure the opportunity of a global optimization. The focus of this paper is the description of product, process and resource and in which way the interdependencies must be considered for the sequencing of process chains. Therefore, existing approaches in the area of PaaS and the generation of process chains are reviewed. Based on the finding, a description of product, process and resource is developed taking the interdependencies of process sequences into account. Future research should tackle the issues of matching product and resources and develop a framework to enable an automated matching.