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Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Multimodal Immersive Learning Systems (MILeS 2021)

Roland Klemke; Khaleel Asyraaf Mat Sanusi; Daniel Majonica; Anja Richert; Valérie Varney; Tobias Keller; Jan Schneider; Daniele Di Mitri; George-Petru Ciordas-Hertel; Fernando P. Cardenas-Hernandez; Gianluca Romano; Milos Kravcik; Benjamin Paaßen; Ralf Klamma; Michal Slupczynski; Stefanie Klatt; Mai Geisen; Tobias Baumgartner; Nina Riedl (Hrsg.)
International Workshop on Multimodal Immersive Learning Systems (MILeS-2021), located at 16th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2021), September 20-24, virtual (Bozen-Bolzano), Italy, CEUR, Vol. 2979, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 10/2021.


The MILeS (Multimodal Immersive Learning Systems) 2021 workshop was organised in the context of the German BMBF-funded research project MILKIPSY (Multimodal Immersive Learning with Arti cial Intelligence for Psychomotor Skills), which aims to develop AI-supported, data-intensive, multimodal, immersive learning environments for the independent learning of psychomotor skills. This leads to a cross-domain approach that makes it possible to record the activities of experts in a multimodal manner and to use these recordings as blueprints for learners. With the help of AI-based analysis, learning progress is to be supported by automated error detection and automatically generated, individual feedback. This creates holistic, innovative environments for cultivating psychomotor skills, in which personalized AI support enables individual learning processes based on complex data analyzes.


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