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Fi-Fo Detector: Figure and Formula Detection Using Deformable Networks

Junaid Younas; Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui; Mohsin Munir; Muhammad Imran Malik; Faisal Shafait; Paul Lukowicz; Sheraz Ahmed
In: Applied Sciences, Vol. 10, No. 18 (6460), Pages 1-16, MDPI, 9/2020.


We propose a novel hybrid approach that fuses traditional computer vision techniques with deep learning models to detect figures and formulas from document images. The proposed approach first fuses the different computer vision based image representations, i.e., color transform, connected component analysis, and distance transform, termed as Fi-Fo image representation. The Fi-Fo image representation is then fed to deep models for further refined representation-learning for detecting figures and formulas from document images. The proposed approach is evaluated on a publicly available ICDAR-2017 Page Object Detection (POD) dataset and its corrected version. It produces the state-of-the-art results for formula and figure detection in document images with an f1-score of 0.954 and 0.922, respectively. Ablation study results reveal that the Fi-Fo image representation helps in achieving superior performance in comparison to raw image representation. Results also establish that the hybrid approach helps deep models to learn more discriminating and refined features.

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