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TactJam: An End-to-End Prototyping Suite for Collaborative Design of On-Body Vibrotactile Feedback

Dennis Wittchen; Katta Spiel; Bruno Fruchard; Donald Degraen; Oliver Schneider; Georg Freitag; Paul Strohmeier
In: Sixteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction. International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI-2022), New York, NY, USA, TEI '22, ISBN 9781450391474, Association for Computing Machinery, 2022.


We present TactJam, an end-to-end suite for creating and sharing low fidelity prototypes of on-body vibrotactile feedback. With TactJam, designers can create, record and share vibrotactile patterns online. This opens up new ways of collaboratively designing vibrotactile patterns both in collocated as well as in remote settings. We evaluate TactJam in a two-part distributed online workshop, exploring the design of on-body tactons. Participants were able to successfully use TactJam to learn about tacton design. We present an overview of mappings between tactons and their associated concepts before comparing the results of tactons created using solely a GUI and tactons created through experimenting with placements directly on the body. Conducting both parts of the workshop separately highlighted the importance of designing directly with bodies: less implicit assumptions were made, and designs were guided by personal experience. We reflect on these results and close on deliberations for the future development of TactJam.

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