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Explainability in Cyber-Security using Complex Network Analysis: A Brief Methodological Overview

Martin Atzmueller; Rushed Kanawati
In: Proceedings of 2022 European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference EICC 2022. European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference (EICC-2022), June 15-16, Barcelona, Spain, Pages 49-52, ISBN 978-1-4503-9603-5, ACM, New York, 7/2022.


Artificial intelligence (AI) approaches are widely applied in cyber security, while they currently lack explainability towards their users. Here, complex network analysis (CNA) can be leveraged for providing explainability. The goal of this overview paper is to present a brief methodological view on explainability in cyber security using CNA. In particular, we (1) motivate the concept, use and application of explainability, (2) present CNA methods, and (3) outline challenges and open issues in the domain of cyber security.

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