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Findings of the WMT 2022 Biomedical Translation Shared Task: Monolingual Clinical Case Reports

Mariana Neves; Antonio Jimeno Yepes; Amy Siu; Roland Roller; Philippe Thomas; Maika Vicente Navarro; Lana Yeganova; Dina Wiemann; Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio; Federica Vezzani; others
In: WMT22-Seventh Conference on Machine Translation. Conference on Machine Translation (WMT-2022), Pages 694-723, 2022.


In the seventh edition of the WMT Biomedical Task, we addressed a total of seven language pairs, namely English/German, English/French, English/Spanish, English/Portuguese, English/Chinese, English/Russian, English/Italian. This year’s test sets covered three types of biomedical text genre. In addition to scientific abstracts and terminology items used in previous editions, we released test sets of clinical cases. The evaluation of clinical cases translations were given special attention by involving clinicians in the preparation of reference translations and manual evaluation. For the main MEDLINE test sets, we received a total of 609 submissions from 37 teams. For the ClinSpEn sub-task, we had the participation of five teams.

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