Document Capture using Stereo Vision

Adrian Ulges; Christoph Lampert; Thomas Breuel

In: ACM Symposium on Document Engineering. ACM Symposium on Document Engineering (DocEng), Milwaukee, Pages 198-200, ACM, 10/2004.


Capturing images of documents using handheld digital cameras has a variety of applications in academia, research, knowledge management, retail, and office settings. The ultimate goal of such systems is to achieve image quality comparable to that currently achieved with flatbed scanners even for curved, warped, or curled pages. This can be achieved by high-accuracy 3D modeling of the page surface, followed by a flattening of the surface. A number of previous systems have either assumed only perspective distortions, or used techniques like structured lighting, shading, or sideimaging for obtaining 3D shape. This paper describes a system for handheld camera-based document capture using general purpose stereo vision methods followed by a new document dewarping technique. Examples of shape modeling and dewarping of book images is shown.

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