A Seed-driven Bottom-up Machine Learning Framework for Extracting Relations of Various Complexity

Feiyu Xu; Hans Uszkoreit; Hong Li

In: Proceedings of ACL 2007, 45th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (HLT-NAACL), Pages 584-591, ,, 6/2007.


A minimally supervised machine learning framework is described for extracting relations of various complexity. Bootstrapping starts from a small set of n-ary relation instances as seeds, in order to automatically learn pattern rules from parsed data, which then can extract new instances of the relation and its projections. We propose a novel rule representation enabling the mposition of n-ary relation rules on top of the rules for projections of the relation. The compositional approach to rule construction is supported by a bottom-up pattern extraction method. In comparison to ther automatic approaches, our rules cannot only localize relation arguments but also assign their exact target argument roles. The method is evaluated in two tasks: the extraction of Nobel Prize awards and management succession events. Performance for the new Nobel Prize task is strong. For the management succession task the results compare favorably with those of existing pattern acquisition approaches.


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