Digital Object Memories in the Internet of Things

Michael Schneider; Alexander Kröner; Patrick Gebhard; Boris Brandherm

In: Germán Montoro-Manrique; Pablo Haya-Coll; Dirk Schnelle-Walka (Hrsg.). CEPIS UPGRADE, Vol. 12, No. 1, Pages 45-51, CEPIS, 2/2011.


Digital Object Memories, DOM, comprise concepts and technologies to physically and conceptually associate digital information with physical objects in an application-independent manner. By storing information about an object's properties, state, and history of use in its digital memory, objects become self-representative, which allows for novel kinds of open-loop applications in the Internet of Things. In this paper we report on work on performed on architectures for Digital Object Memories, concepts for interacting with Digital Object Memories, and the application of Digital Object Memories in the context of the Internet of Things.


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