CAD-2-SIM - Kinematic Modeling of Mechanisms Based on the Sheth-Uicker Convention

Bertold Bongardt

In: Honghai Liu; Sabina Jeschke; Daniel Schilberg (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 4th International Conference. International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (ICIRA-11), December 6-8, Aachen, Germany, Pages 465-477, Vol. Part I, ISBN 978-3-642-25485-7, Springer, 12/2011.


This paper describes methods of kinematic modeling and of forward kinematics computation that are implemented in a new kinematic modeling software – named CAD-2-SIM – that transfers models of mechanisms from computer-aided design software to simulation. In particular, the software is based on a convention developed by Sheth and Uicker in 1971 that we call the two-frame convention, since it requires the definition of two specifically placed and named frames per joint. This convention simplifies the kinematic specification of an arbitrary mechanism and enables computing its forward kinematics. The presented notation uses an indexing scheme based on graph theory.


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