Providing universally accessible interactive services through TV sets: implementation and validation with elderly users

Gorka Epelde; Xabier Valencia; Eduardo Carrasco; Christian Husodo Schulz; Ingo Zinnikus; Jorge Possada; Julio Abascal; Orueta Diaz

In: Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol. Online first, Pages 1-32, Springer, Netherlands, 2011.


One of the challenges that Ambient Intelligence (AmI) faces is the provision of a usable interaction concept to its users, especially for those with a weak technical background. In this paper, we describe a new approach to integrate interactive services provided by an AmI environment with the television set, which is one of the most widely used interaction client in the home environment. The approach supports the integration of different TV set configurations, guaranteeing the possibility to develop universally accessible solutions. An implementation of this approach has been carried out as a multimodal/multi-purpose natural human computer interface for elderly people, by creating adapted graphical user interfaces and navigation menus together with multimodal interaction (simplified TV remote control and voice interaction). In addition, this user interface can also be suited to other user groups. We have tested a prototype that adapts the videoconference and the information service with a group of 83 users. The results from the user tests show that the group found the prototype to be both satisfactory and efficient to use.

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