Towards Universal, Direct Remote Interaction with Distant Public Displays

Sven Gehring; Florian Daiber; Christian Lander

In: PPD'12: Workshop on infrastructure and design challanges of coupled display visual interfaces. Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI-2012), May 25, Capri, Italy, AVI 2012: Workshop on infrastructure and design challenges of coupled display visual interfaces (PPD '12), Pages 14-17, Online: SACHI, St Andrews, 2012.


The digital augmentation of urban landscapes with digital public displays rapidly increases. Although they offer great potential for interactivity, the majority of public displays do not allow direct interaction. Prominent reasons are missing touch sensitivity and the placement of the displays since digital public displays are often placed outsides a user’s reach or they protected behind a transparent surface. In this paper, we describe a framework that allows universal, direct interaction with distant displays. We describe a vision-based approach to detect rectangular displays within the live camera view on a mobile device. We utilize the TUIO protocol to forward touch input on the display, which appears in the live video, to the actual public display.


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