The Distributed Ontology Language (DOL): Use Cases, Syntax, and Semantics

Christian Galinski; Oliver Kutz; Christoph Lange; Till Mossakowski

In: Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference . Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference (TKE-12), June 20-21, Madrid, Spain, 2012.


The Distributed Ontology Language (DOL) is currently being standardized within the OntoIOp (Ontology Integration and Interoperability) activity of ISO/TC 37/SC 3. It aims at providing a unified framework for (1) ontologies formalized in heterogeneous logics, (2) modular ontologies, (3) links between ontologies, and (4) annotation of ontologies. This paper presents the current state of DOL’s standardization. It focuses on use cases where distributed ontologies enable interoperability and reusability. We demonstrate relevant features of the DOL syntax and semantics and explain how these integrate into existing knowledge engineering environments.

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