A Mashup Supporting Sustainable Decision Making

Sönke Knoch; Alexander Kröner

In: Juan Carlos Augusto; Vassilis Bourdakis; Daniela Braga; Simon Egerton; Kaori Fujinami; Gordon Hunter; Fahim Kawsar; Ahmad Lotfi; Davy Preuveneers; Abdul Wahab bin Abdul Rahman; Victor Zamudio (Hrsg.). Intelligent Environments (IE) 2013, 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments. International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE-13), July 18-19, Athens, Greece, Pages 274-277, IEEE, 7/2013.


Evaluating an object's impact on the environment requires a combination of various information sources, such as material data bases and recycling potential, as well as an alignment with the decision maker's current context. In order to support humans in this task, we propose to use mashups for integrating information sources automatically, and presenting them in a unified way. This article reports on work in progress concerning a system which combines a server-side data mashup with a mobile mashup with the ultimate goal to support users in making sustainable decisions in a recycling scenario.


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