On the Tip of my Tongue -- A Non-Invasive Pressure-Based Tongue Interface

Jingyuan Cheng; Ayano Okoso; Kai Kunze; Niels Henze; Albrecht Schmidt; Paul Lukowicz; Koichi Kise

In: Proceedings of the 5th Augmented Human International Conference . Augmented Human International Conference (AH-14), 5th, March 7-9, Kobe, Japan, ACM Digital Library, 2014.


Mobile and wearable devices became pervasive in daily life. The dominant input techniques for mobile and wearable technology are touch and speech. Both approaches are not appropriate in all settings. Therefore, we propose a novel interface that is controlled through the tongue. It is based on an array of textile pressure sensors attached to the user’s cheek. It can be easily integrated into helmets or face masks in a non-invasive way. In an initial study, we investigate gestures for tongue-based interface. Six participants repeatedly performed five simple tongue gestures. We show that gestures can be recognized with 98% accuracy. Based on feedback from participants, we discuss potential use cases and provide an outlook on further improvement of the system.

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