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Development of Compact Versatile Acquisition Platform for Wireless Sensing Applications

Wuhuang Huang; Matthias Kreil; Jingyuan Cheng; Bing Wang; Bo Zhou; Paul Lukowicz
In: - (Hrsg.). -. International Conference on Mechatronics, Electronics and Automation Engineering (ICMEAE-14), Applied Mechanics and Materials (journal), 2014.


In this paper we present a compact and versatile acquisition platform designed by modularized method, which is useful and flexible for various sensing applications (such as mechanic detection and ubiquitous computing) thanks to the combination of high resolution analog-to-digital converter (ADC), low power consumption and exchangeable wireless transmission. The 31*45 mm2 module supports simultaneous acquisition on maximum 8 channels with an effective number of bits (ENOB) of 20.9 at most and a sampling rate of up to 32KSPS each. Also we implement two popular modes of wireless transmission featuring high data rate and low power, namely a transmission rate of 21.3Kbps using Bluetooth low energy (BLE, power consumption 30mW) and 263Kbps using WiFi (723mW). Additionally, two typical wireless sensing applications, floor vibration detection and electrocardiograph (ECG) signal acquisition, are tested to demonstrate the performance of this platform. Results show that the characteristic of this platform can primely satisfy the requirements of these applications featuring high resolution, low power and high-efficient wireless data transmission, which is greatly helpful for exploring-stage experiments in wireless sensing application cases.