Collaborative crowd density estimation with mobile phones

Jens Weppner; Paul Lukowicz

In: Second International Workshop on Sensing Applications on Mobile Phones. ACM Conference on Embedded Network Sensor Systems (SenSys-11), 9th, November 1, Seattle, USA, ACM, 2011.


We present a technique for estimating crowd density by using a mobile phone to scan the environment for discoverable Bluetooth devices. The paper builds on previous work directed to using Bluetooth scans to analyse social context and extends it with more advanced features, leveraging collaboration between several close by devices, and the use of relative features that do not directly depend on the absolute number of devices in the environment. The method is eval- uated on an extensive data set from a three day experiment at the Munich Octoberfest festival showing over 80% recognition accuracy (on four discrete crowd density classes) with 30% improvement over the simple method of just counting discoverable devices investigated in previous work.

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