Teamleader App - a Collaborative System Allowing Ad-Hoc Planning Decisions

Sönke Knoch; Pascal Lessel; Melanie Reiplinger; Marcel Köster; Vladimir Pavlov; Leenhard Hörauf; Christoph Speicher; Rouven Vierfuß; Torben Joppien

In: Alessandro Bogliolo (Hrsg.). International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology (IntTech), Vol. 8, No. 1+2, Pages 29-40, IARIA, 2015.


This paper proposes a collaborative system that provides decision support for team leaders in an industrial production scenario where staff planning needs immediate adaptations. Requirements were gathered and led to use cases that specify the solution, a mobile application called Teamleader App. A system with an advanced communication protocol was developed, which integrates several sub-systems, such as a supporting domain model and production simulation supporting workers with forecasts of potential decisions. A case study was conducted, which provides first insights into the suitability of the presented solution and revealed further aspects that will improve the system.


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