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The Federated Ontology of the PAL Project. Interfacing Ontologies and Integrating Time-Dependent Data

Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Rifca Peters; Bernd Kiefer; Michael A. van Bekkum; Frank Kaptein; Mark A. Neerincx
In: 8th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development. International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development (KEOD-2016), November 9-11, Porto, Portugal, SCITEPRESS, 11/2016.


This paper describes ongoing work carried out in the European project PAL which will support children in their diabetes self-management as well as assist health professionals and parents involved in the diabetes regimen of the child. Here, we will focus on the construction of the PAL ontology which has been assembled from several independently developed sub-ontologies and which are brought together by a set of hand-written interface axioms, expressed in OWL. We will describe in detail how the triple model of RDF has been extended towards transaction time in order to represent time-varying data. Examples of queries and rules involving temporal information will be presented as well. The approach is currently been in use in diabetes camps.