Towards a Methodology for Self-Verification

Christoph Lüth; Martin Ring; Rolf Drechsler

In: Sunil Khatri (Hrsg.). 6th International Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and Optimization (ICRITO 2017). IEEE Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and Optimization (ICRITO-2017), 6th, September 20-23, Noida, India, IEEE, 9/2017.


The exponential growth of the complexity of electronic systems makes their verification increasingly difficult. To address this problem, incremental refinements of existing approaches are insufficient in the long term; new approaches are needed. In this paper, we explore the new approach of self-verification, where systems will verify themselves during run time. Self-verification will give system engineers more time, more resources, and more information to successfully finish the verification. We sketch an architecture and methodology for self-verification, which maps system properties to the development phase in which they are verified, and illustrate the approach with a first case study.


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