HasCASL: Integrated Higher-Order Specification and Program Development

Lutz Schröder, Till Mossakowski

In: Theoretical Computer Science 410 12-13 Seiten 1217-1260 Elsevier 2009.


We lay out the design of HasCASL, a higher order extension of the algebraic specification language CASL that serves both as a wide-spectrum language for the rigorous specification and development of software, in particular but not exclusively in modern functional programming languages, and as an expressive standard language for higher-order logic. Distinctive features of HasCASL include partial higher order functions, higher order subtyping, shallow polymorphism, and an extensive type-class mechanism. Moreover, HasCASL provides dedicated specification support for monad-based functional-imperative programming with generic side effects, including a monad-based generic Hoare logic.


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