Modular Construction of Models - Towards a Consistency Proof for the Foundational Ontology DOLCE

Oliver Kutz, Dominik Lücke, Till Mossakowski

In: First International Workshop on Foundations of Computer Science as Logic-Related. International Workshop on Foundations of Computer Science as Logic-Related befindet sich 5th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC-08) August 30 Istanbul Turkey 2008.


We discuss the problem of consistency proofs for large and complex first-order theories originating from the realm of ontologies. In particular, we argue that 'standard' automated reasoning methods are often insufficient for proving such consistency results. We advocate an approach where a global model of a theory is built from smaller models together with amalgamability properties between such models. To illustrate the feasibility of this technique, we have constructed a modular version (a so-called architectural specification) of the first-order version of the foundational ontology DOLCE.

ModModels.pdf (pdf, 82 KB )

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