Calculation of the User-Direction in an Always Best Positioned Mobile Localization System

Tim Schwartz, Boris Brandherm, Dominikus Heckmann

In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Systems. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Systems (AIMS-2005) befindet sich MobilHCI 2005 September 19 Salzburg Austria Internet Publication 9/2005.


In an Always Best Positioned (ABP) localization system the output of different localization techniques are fused together to get an even better position accuracy. Besides the infor- mation about the position of a user, his viewing or walking direction is also important. This paper describes an exten- sion of our mobile APB system that uses RFID tags and infrared beacons. We describe how different direction in- formation – derived from different sensors or calculations – can be fused together with the help of Dynamic Bayesian networks.

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