Visualizing the Impact of Content-Based Similarity and Spatial Distance on Book Recommendations

Sönke Knoch, Alexander Kröner

In: Katherine Blashki (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction. IADIS International Conference on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction (IHCI-11) befindet sich IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems July 24-26 Rome Italy Seiten 345-350 ISBN 978-972-8939-52-6 IADIS Press 2011.


Starting from the assumption that an integration of digital services might help brick-and-mortar bookstores to compete with online sellers, we propose a recommender system which takes into account not only content-based similarity of books, but also local availability and spatial distance. This article addresses work in progress; its focus is on a particular question tightly connected to the user interface design of such a system: how to communicate results from these different information sources to a customer in a transparent way. We contribute to this topic with several design proposals and a discussion of feedback collected in a user study.


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