Content Quality Management with Open Source Language Technology

Felix Sasaki, Christian Lieske

tcworld conference 2011 10/2011.


This text - a complement to the corresponding tutorial at the tcWorld 2011 - starts with an overview of typical linguistic quality tasks related to textual content. Afterwards - following a short explanation of general NLP/LT concepts - it sketches NLP/LT for linguistic quality tasks. As a basis for sustainable and solid NLP/LT, so-called Text Technology is being surveyed. The text then moves on to observations related to the use of NLP/LT in real world deployment scenarios. The concepts are exemplified based on the reality in some technical communications environments with open source offerings. In order to allow for easy follow-up, the demonstrations use open source technology. Some tasks use examples from the realm of language-related requirements related to accessibility (sometimes referred to as easy/simple language).


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