ITIL Process and Impact Analysis at Rabobank ICT

Tom Thaler, Sönke Knoch, Nico Krivograd, Peter Fettke, Peter Loos

In: Proceedings of the 4th Business Process Intelligence Challenge. Business Process Intelligence Challenge (BPIC-14) befindet sich Business Process Management (BPM2014) September 7-11 Eindhoven Netherlands CEUR 2014.


The given BPI Challenge 2014 provides an ITSM case study at Rabobank based on ITIL with the demand on fact-based insights into the impact of changes to the workload at the Service Desk and/or IT Operations. The report at hand checks the conformance of the conducted ITSM processes at Rabobank Group ICT to the ITIL standard. Moreover, ITIL conforming reports considering Incident Management and Change Management are provided and an approach for the identification of CIs, wherefore change activities are most promising in terms of reducing the workload at Service Desk and IT Operations is developed. As a result, some concrete recommendations for the Rabobank Group ICT are derived.

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