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Zeige Ergebnisse 25 bis 30 von 504
  1. Peter Englert; Alexandros Paraschos; Marc Peter Deisenroth; Jan Peters

    Probabilistic model-based imitation learning

    In: Adaptive Behavior, Vol. 21, No. 5, Pages 388-403, Sage Publications, 2013.

  2. Alexandros Paraschos; Christian Daniel; Jan Peters; Gerhard Neumann

    Probabilistic Movement Primitives

    In: Christopher J. C. Burges; Léon Bottou; Zoubin Ghahramani; Kilian Q. Weinberger (Hrsg.). Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 26: 27th …

  3. Michael Mauderer; Florian Daiber; Antonio Krüger

    Combining Touch and Gaze for Distant Selection in a Tabletop Setting

    In: CHI 2013: Workshop on Gaze Interaction in the Post-WIMP World. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-13), 2013.

  4. Christopher Tim Althoff; Damian Borth; Jörn Hees; Andreas Dengel

    Analysis and Forecasting of Trending Topics in Online Media Streams

    In: ACM MM 2013. ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM-13), October 21-25, Barcelona, Spain, ACM, 10/2013.

  5. Christoph Igel; Roberta Sturm

    Learn & Go: Mobile learning solution for medical studies.

    In: o.A. (Hrsg.). GMS Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (MIBE), GMS German Medical Science, 1/2013.

  6. Mathias Schmitt

    Using Consumer Electronics and Apps in Industrial Environments - Development of a Framework for Dynamic Feature Deployment and Extension by using Apps on Field Devices

    In: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference for Doctoral Students. International Conference for Doctoral Students (IPC-13), located at 1st …