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Zeige Ergebnisse 51 bis 60 von 675
  1. Sophia Saller; Jana Koehler

    Easy, adaptable and high-quality Modelling with domain-specific Constraint Patterns

    In: Twentieth International Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation. Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation (ModRef-2021), …

  2. XAI Handbook: Towards a Unified Framework for Explainable AI

    In: Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshops. International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV-2021), …

  3. Contextual Classification Using Self-Supervised Auxiliary Models for Deep Neural Networks

    In: 2020 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR-2020), Online, Pages …

  4. TJ Kelly; M Thees; S Kapp; J Kuhn; Paul Lukowicz; N Wehn; M De Cock; P van Kampen; J Guisasola; L Dvořák; CD Walton; G Randerson; C Eling; K Zuza

    Different approaches to helping students develop conceptual understanding in university physics

    In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS), Vol. 1929, Pages 012-001, IOP Publishing, 2021.

  5. Fusion of Global-Local Features for Image Quality Inspection of Shipping Label

    In: 2020 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR-2020), January 10-15, …

  6. Joel Jang; yoonjeon Kim; Kyoungho Choi; Sungho Suh

    Sequential targeting: A continual learning approach for data imbalance in text classification

    In: Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA), Vol. 179, Page 115067, Elsevier, 10/2021.

  7. Andreas Winter; Michael Igel; Gian-Luca Kiefer; Matthieu Deru; Alassane Ndiaye; Boris Brandherm; Jörg Baus; Steven Rink; Henri Oliveras; Guillem Tänzer; Michael Deckarm; Markus Albert

    Künstliche Intelligenz in Stromverteilnetzen – KI-basierte Systemanalyse im Normal- und Kurzschlussbetrieb

    In: ew - Magazin für die Energiewirtschaft (ew), Vol. 12, Pages 32-35, VDE Verlag GmbH, Offenbach, 12/2021.

  8. Matthew Marge; Carol Espy-Wilson; Nigel G Ward; Abeer Alwan; Yoav Artzi; Mohit Bansal; Gil Blankenship; Joyce Chai; Hal Daumé III; Debadeepta Dey; Mary Harper; Thomas Howard; Casey Kennington; Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová; Dinesh Manocha; Cynthia Matuszek; Ross Mead; Raymond Mooney; Roger K Moore; Mari Ostendorf; Heather Pon-Barry; Alexander I Rudnicky; Matthias Scheutz; Robert St Amant; Tong Sun; Stefanie Tellex; David Traum; Zhou Yu

    Spoken language interaction with robots: Recommendations for future research

    In: Computer Speech & Language (CSL), Vol. 71, Pages 1-13, Elsevier, 1/2021.

  9. InDeCo - Detach Communication from the Interconnection via an automatic zero-configuration, service-oriented Network Handling

    In: 25. ITG Fachbericht Mobilkommunikation Technologien und Anwendungen. VDE/ITG Fachtagung Mobilkommunikation (MKT-2021), IEEE Xplore, VDE, 2021.