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Smart Devices as Proxy Objects for Virtual Reality Position Paper

Akhmajon Makhsadov; Donald Degraen; André Zenner; Florian Daiber
In: Workshop on Everyday Proxy Objects for Virtual Reality at CHI'21. Workshop on Everyday Proxy Objects for Virtual Reality (EPO4VR-2021), located at ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2021), May 8, Yokohama/Virtual, Japan, ACM, 5/2021.


Previous work has shown that the integration of everyday proxy objects into virtual reality improves the virtual experience in terms of feedback and immersion. However, challenges remain in the tracking of everyday objects and in the limited generality of basic static proxies. Smart devices are ubiquitous nowadays and as we believe can address these challenges. In this position paper, we review related work and offer a discussion about the role of our smart devices in virtual reality (VR). To study this concept, we build a framework that allows a smart device to be tracked in VR such that users can use its features for input, control, and feedback. We envision future applications to include a wider range of smart everyday objects.

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