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Reconstructing invisible deviating events: A conformance checking approach for recurring events

Joscha Grüger; Martin Kuhn; Ralph Bergmann
In: Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering (MBE), Vol. 19, No. 11 - Special Issue: Computational Methods for Process Mining in Healthcare, Pages 11782-11799, American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 8/2022.


Conformance checking enables organizations to determine whether their executed processes are compliant with the intended process. However, if the processes contain recurring activities, state-of-the-art approaches unfortunately have difficulties calculating the conformance. The occurrence of complex temporal rules can further increase the complexity of the problem. Identifying this limitation , this paper presents a novel approach towards dealing with recurring activities in conformance checking. The core idea of the approach is to reconstruct the missing events in the event log using defined rules while incorporating specified temporal event characteristics. This approach then enables the use of native conformance checking algorithms. The paper illustrates the algorithmic approach and defines the required temporal event characteristics. Furthermore, the approach is applied and evaluated in a case study on an event log for melanoma surveillance.


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