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Sharing Sensor Data in Instrumented Environments

Tim Schwartz; Dominikus Heckmann; Jörg Baus
In: Proceedings of The Workshop on Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery for Users. Workshop on Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery for Users (UKDU-06), located at 7th European Conference on Machine Learning & 10th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, September 22, Berlin, Germany, Pages 81-88, 9/2006.


Instrumentedenvironmentsareenrichedwithsensors,sendersandcom- puting devices in order to support intelligent applications for the human-computer interaction. Because the sensors and senders in the environment can deliver a large amount of data, these so-called “intelligent environments” form ideal play- grounds to test the novel idea of ubiquitous knowledge discovery. In this paper we will describe the sensor architecture and the management software that is in- stalled in the SUPIE (Saarland University Pervasive Intelligent Environment) for sharing basic sensor data. As an example application for ubiquitous knowledge discovery we describe our positioning system that collects data from different types of senders and that derives the user’s position by fusing all data that can be helpful for this task.