SPECifIC - A New Design Flow for Cyber-Physical Systems

Christoph Lüth; Serge Autexier; Dieter Hutter; Mathias Soeken; Robert Wille; Rolf Drechsler

In: CPS20: CPS 20 years from now - visions and challenges - CyPhERS 2nd Experts Workshop. CyPhERS Experts Workshop, April 14, Berlin, Germany, Pages 4-7, 4/2014.


In this position paper, we propose a new design flow for cyber-physical systems which builds on our previous experiences in both the hardware and software domain. Its defining features are the integration of natural language processing, the formal specification level which allows an abstract description of the system's behaviour, and a comprehensive functional change management throughout. We introduce the design flow and its three levels of abstraction by example, and argue why it is particularly suited for the development of cyber-physical systems.


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