Real-time collaborative Scala development with Clide

Martin Ring; Christoph Lüth

In: Heather Miller; Philipp Haller (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Scala Workshop. Scala Workshop (Scala-14), 5th Annual Scala Workshop, located at ECOOP 2014, July 28-29, Uppsala, Sweden, Pages 63-66, ISBN 978-1-4503-2868-5, ACM, New York, 7/2014.


We present Clide, a real-time collaborative development environment. Clide offers a new approach to tool integration which complements the way resources are shifted to the cloud today. We achieve this by introducing the novel concept of universal collaboration, which drops the distinction between human and non-human participants (so-called assistants) and enables innovative ways of interaction. Clide has a highly flexible and distributed architecture based on Akka. Despite the complexity of the synchronisation of distributed document states, implementing assistants is pleasantly simple. To demonstrate the versatility and usability of the platform we implement a simple wrapper turning the Scala compiler into a collaborator, offering content assistance to other developers and tools.


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